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Football Skills Clinic

Next Session Begins Thursday, December 6th

December 6 – January 3rd
(No class on December 27th)

Thursdays 6-7 pm
Coed, Ages 9-12
$40 for clinic

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Football Clinic Curriculum

Offensive Skill Positions (Receivers, Running Backs, Quarterbacks)
  • Proper throwing and catching techniques
  • Introduction to different routes and patterns
  • Proper ball security
  • Running and agility drills to improve speed and quickness
Defensive Skill Positions (Linebackers, Safeties, Corners)
  • Learning proper coverage techniques
  • Differences between man and zone
  • Drills to improve quickness
  • Introduction to tackling
  • Proper Stances
Lineman and Special Teams
  • Proper Lineman Stances
  • Introduction to proper blocking techniques
  • Kicking and punting
  • Proper way to return and catch kicks
WEEK 4: Recap
  • Review prior weeks
  • Have competitions between players
  • 1 on 1 drills
  • Speed and Agility drills